Who I Am

Emmaline graduated from UW Madison with degrees in Psychology, Theatre & Drama, and a minor in Criminal Justice. While her studies mostly centered around the use of Drama and Drama Therapy as a form of rehabilitation for at risk populations, she also spent much of her time onstage or on screen - in school or in the community. By the time she graduated, she had a multitude of theatre credits under her belt, as well as several film credits.

Upon graduation, she moved to Milwaukee, WI, where she has resided ever since. She has worked with several local companies, served as artistic director of an LGBTQ+ youth theatre youth group, and is currently working as a founding member of the resident theatre company of Saint Kate Arts Hotel. She has been fortunate enough to surround herself with people who create the kind of work she wants - the kind that dives into the deep, the messy, the uncomfortable, and the wholly cathartic parts of the human experience.

When not acting, Emmaline is fond of yoga, biking, baking, cooking spicy foods, and absorbing art that punches her right in the gut. She resides with her grumpy old cat (aptly named Bitters), and is devoted to surrounding herself with fellow female/femme artists, Queer artists, and artists of color.

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